Hello there, and welcome!  My name is Jamie and I'm a lampwork bead artisan and I also create hand stamped metal jewelry.

I started making lampwork beads back in 2006.  Or was it earlier?  Oh, who can remember back that far!  But, oh my, how time flies!  

Now, you see, because I live in the cold climate of northern Wisconsin I had to find something to keep me out of trouble in the winter, you see, my torch was set up in our cold uninsulated garage.  And some days the old fire just couldn't keep it warm enough to make beads.  

And so I found hand stamping, which I really love!  It's so much fun smacking stuff with a hammer.  And, most of all, I love working with all the great people from around the world. 

If you have an idea you'd love to see stamped on metal just hit the green Contact Me tab over on the top right, yep, up there, see it? Over there on the right, Yep, right there!

Don't forget to check put my shops.  Come back again soon!